The concept of Merlin’s resorts is “Large Swimming Pools and Lush green Gardens for relaxing holidays

Three of our hotels are located by the beach and each property have different charm. They all offer various styles of rooms and facilities, with beautiful pools and gardens in a relaxing atmosphere.

At Patong Beach, Patong Merlin Hotel offers four swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens. Attractive large streamlined swimming pools and swaying palm trees make you forget you’re in the bustling town.

Khao Lak in Phang Nga Province is known for its pristine beaches and green tropical forests. Khaolak Merlin Resort is an ecotourism conscious resort where you will have a jungle feeling and beautiful beach. The resort also boasts 5 main swimming pools and some small pools with private access which are scattered throughout the resort.

Bangsak Merlin Resort is located in the same Khao Lak area, however, it features more contemporary buildings with modern and elegant guest rooms on a beachfront of outstanding natural beauty.

Fill your holiday with a color of your choice.